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Virtual Staging Order & 
Design Workflow

Please familiarize yourself with our Order and Design workflow to prevent any unforeseen issues.

1. Order Placement
Initiate your design request by placing an order through the roOomy Order Portal.

Should your project require minor cleaning, such as the removal of a few small items like a chandelier or wall art, this service is included in the virtual staging price. Therefore, you won't need to pay separately for this minor cleaning. Our separate cleaning service should only be selected when your project requires significant furniture removal. If you accidentally order the cleaning service when it's not required, rest assured we will reach out to you and issue a refund.

2. Virtual Staging Design
Typically, our team designs your photos within 24 hours on workdays. Once the design is finished, you'll receive an email notification with a link to your project page for review. If you haven't received any communication from us within 48 hours, there might be a chance that our notification emails aren't reaching you.

As we never delay projects and always keep our customers informed, it's likely that your project has been completed. So, please either reach out to us directly or log into the roOomy app to check your project status.

3. Review and Reworks
Once we share the project and if you've opted for our Virtual Staging with Complimentary Rework service, you'll find a button beneath each image, allowing you to request unlimited reworks. You're free to request as many reworks as needed, provided that you don't request a change in design style or room function from your initial request.

For those who've purchased our Virtual Staging with No Rework service, the option to request reworks through the roOomy app won't be available. However, if there's any aspect of the design that doesn't meet your satisfaction, please feel free to reach out to us at

Our goal is to ensure you're completely in love with your final design, and we're always ready to help make that happen.

4. Delivery
We don't enforce any formal approval process. You have the freedom to download and use the photos at any time, and choose whichever version you prefer, either before or after requested reworks.

You can download each photo individually, or utilize our 'Download All' function on the project delivery page. Once downloaded, the photos are yours. You own them completely, including the copyright, and are free to use, modify, or distribute them as you see fit.

Our streamlined process ensures a seamless, efficient, and friendly service from order to delivery.

For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to place your order through our order portal, please review the PDF below.

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